Our history

Michael Kale, who is the chef and co-partner (here is the reason for choosing the name of the company 😉 ), has always dreamed of being a chef. Since childhood, he has enjoyed creating recipes for his family and friends. He began his cooking classes at Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario. Thereafter, he continued his studies in one of the best schools in Canada: Stratford Chef School . This school has trained many renowned chefs. Since finishing his studies, he has always waited for the right moment and the right project to have his own kitchen and create wonderful recipes for his customers. Established for a few years now in Montreal, he decided to open a ready-to-eat concept with his partner Alexandre.

Alexandre Noel has had a passion for catering for years. Having started in the industry quite young, he has worked in several positions and types of restaurants. Raised by entrepreneurial parents, he always dreamed of having his own business. After studying administration and marketing, he held several jobs, always feeling that something was missing. When he met his partner Michael, they immediately knew that they would one day open a business together.

During the pandemic, they worked hard to create a concept that represents their values ​​and that will appeal to their customers.

Hope you enjoy our meals.
Enjoy your food!

Alexandre and Michael 


We want to use fresh and seasonal food, avoid food waste and reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible to be a "green" company. Customers can expect home-cooked meals that are healthy, tasty and of high quality at a reasonable price.