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Choose from our 7 meals of the week, available in 3 different formats:

* Delivery available on the island of Montreal only

  • Small portion - boite repas - Kale fait maison - Montréal

    Small portion between 300-325 grams (regular portion)

  • KFM portion - boite repas - Kale fait maison - Montréal

    KFM portion between 450-500 grams (large portion)

  • Family portion - boite repas - Kale fait maison - Montréal

    More than enough for a family of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Between 1.5 and 1.7 kilograms.

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Eco-responsible delivery

Opt for the refrigerated box or the reusable bag and contribute to the circular economy

At Kale fait maison, we pride ourselves on taking concrete steps to reduce our environmental footprint. That's why we now offer two delivery options:

  • The refrigerated box at a cost of $4

  • The reusable bag at $4 in deposit (Discount of the deposit when the bag and the ice pack are returned)

We chose this approach in order to minimize the waste generated by ready-to-eat or cook meals, a common problem in our industry. By opting for the reusable bag, you contribute to the circular economy by reducing your environmental impact. You can simply hand over the bag and ice packs to the delivery person upon delivery or at the time of the next delivery. You will get your initial deposit back. So, by helping us to reduce waste, you can benefit from an ecological and economical solution for your healthy and tasty meals.

  • You make a responsible purchase with local companies, because we pay particular attention to choosing our suppliers carefully.

  • You help reduce food waste by having the portions you really need.

  • You eat healthy foods and healthy recipes, without having to cook and do the dishes!

  • You are buying from a company that strives to be responsible and sustainable.

  • You will no longer have to have restaurants delivered with their expensive delivery services.

  • Eco-friendly delivery and reusable container option available!

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A new menu designed by our chef every week!

At Kale fait maison, we do everything we can to make our company as eco-responsible as possible.

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